Project Gallery

  • Fox Run Multi Cherry Pitter

    A multi-cherry pitter designed to remove the pits of up to four cherries at a time. The pits are collected in a removable clear cup for disposal.

  • OutsetLoop Skewers

    A simple solution to a simple problem. This BBQ skewer loops easily around the rim of a circular plate to make serving your dinner a breeze.

  • OutsetResin Corn Holders

    Themed corn holders that utilize a resin material to create uniquely themed shapes for a set of fun and inviting corn holders.

  • OutsetSpiral Hotdog Cutter

    Designed to cut a hotdog or sausage in a spiral shape to increase the surface area of the hotdog to help caramelize the food and make more room for toppings.

  • Kingsford Pro Tools

    High grade pakka wood BBQ tools designed to appeal to the "grilling pro".

  • Outset Specialty Grill Brushes

    A unique grouping of specialty grill brushes designed to tackle the messiest BBQs with great ease and leave your grate as good as new.

  • Outset Rotating Campfire Fork

    The perfect tool for roasting marshmallows over an open fire. The forward facing handle slides up the shaft to a stop, making it easy to blow out the flame safely.

  • Fox Run Canning Collection

    The ultimate canning line from Fox Run Brands. Each product is uniquely designed to bridge new canning technology with traditional canning techniques

  • Outset Cast Iron Oyster Pan

    A versatilepan to grill oysters on the half shell or shucked. You can also use it to make single serving mac & cheese, drop biscuits, and more.