Project Gallery

  • Guy Fieri + Outset

    A collaborative project with celebrity chef and Food Network Star Guy Fieri to develop BBQ tools and accessories for the Outset Brand.

  • OutsetButter Button

    A personal butter spreader developed for the Outset Grillware Brand. An easy and mess free way to Adorn the Corn"

  • Cupcake Batter Spoons

    A cupcake themed batter measuring spoos to ensure each bake cup is filled to correct amount, whether you are making standard or mini sized treats.

  • Silicone Zipper Pull

    A silicone zipper sleeve designed for individuals suffering from low dexterity in his/her hands.

  • Outset Basting Set

    A newly designed basting set that boasts a unique flame pattern and silicone brush that rests snugly in the handle of the cup to eliminate the mess.

  • Outset Burger Stuffer

    This one of a kind Burger Stuffer from Outset is designed to swivel to accomodate a variety of sizes of burgers.

  • Outset Wood Plank Soaker Clips

    Designed to simplify the way you soak wood planks used for grilling. Clips keep the planks submerged in any container.

  • Outset Wildfire Collection

    A collection of BBQ tools and accessories focused on introducing premium materials and finishes to the grill through a unique program focused on visual brand language.

  • Outset Corn Crib

    An 8 piece boilable, microwaveable, dishwasher safe, threaded corn pick designed to make it quick, clean, and easy to eat corn on the cob.