• Unprecedented Style . . .

    Outset™ Basting Cup & Brush - - -This newly designed basting set boasts a unique flame pattern and silicone brush that rests snugly in the handle of the cup to eliminate any messes.

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  • Strong Communication . . .

    Tulz Water Droplet Silicone Ice Cube Tray - - - A silicone ice cube mold designed to fit the style of a current line of existing themed ice molds. Ice cubes were designed to be small enough to fit within a water bottle, and the product needed to communicate that message clearly.

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  • Stunning Visual Impact . . .

    Brute Force Code Branding - - - A project dedicated to the professional branding of Brute Force Code, an up and coming technology and software development website soon to make an impact.

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  • Innovative Solutions . . .

    Outset™ Silicone Butter Button - - - "Adorn the corn" with your personal Butter Button. Place a pad of butter in your Butter Button and you are prepared for battle...No more mess or waste at your next meal.

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